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A Capitol Club


The Capitol Yacht Club was our home for three days and since we had such a long day we decided the Tuesday spaghetti dinner put on by the Yacht Club was just the ticket. No need to cook tonight. This is a Yacht Club that’s open to everyone. All the members we met in the boater’s Lounge/Bar, our first night, introduced themselves and asked if they could help us in any way and gave us many useful tips on sight seeing, transportation and area specific boating recommendations. It really felt like home, boating is funny that way.


After dinner we’re back to the boat to rest up for our marathon sightseeing days in DC and can not help but notice all the helicopters flying back and forth every few minutes. Apparently the marina is located in the flight path for all of DC’s helicopter flights. We notice that several have US Gov’t  labels and lettering and we can not help but think that maybe the President is flying by.

The old Presidential Yacht, Sequoia (below) sits near our marina.


As well as this handsome yacht with sleek lines.


We passed this mega yacht, White Cloud (below) on our way up the Potomac today as it sat anchored in front of Mount Vernon, and watched it come into our marina at sunset.


This outdoor seafood market sits right next to the Capitol Yacht Club marina.


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