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River System, Here We Come

Other than the two days of heavy rain we’ve had hot or warm, sunny weather. It was in the high eighties yesterday. The water levels have been another thing altogether. Basically, the remnants of hurricane Ike flooded much of the upper river system, therefore we had to stay in Chicago for three extra days before the Chicago lock opened to let us into the river.

Yesterday, when it finally opened (this is a little lock – only a two-foot drop) we departed the big city to make our way to Joliet. We couldn’t go by way of the Chicago River last time because of our height, so it was exciting to enter the river system through downtown Chicago. Once we got to Joliet we found that we couldn’t go any further since the locks ahead of here are not open due to the water still cresting in some areas further down the river. We also went through our first big lock today, the Lockport Lock, it was a 40-foot drop.

All the Looper boats are now basically stuck where they are. Oh well, it’s all part of the experience and you just have to go with the flow. We could be here at least another day or two. It all depends on what is happening down river.



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