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Ever wondered what it would be like to experience the Great Loop boat trip? For those of you who are not familiar with this unique boating adventure, it's a circumnavigation of the Eastern United States from the Heartland Rivers to the North Atlantic Seaboard, Canada and the Great Lakes.

We started this blog while cruising the Great Loop; we've been around it almost twice. Our mission in creating and maintaining a blog on the Great Loop is to share our experiences through posts and photography. Click on one of the areas above or see below for the latest post.  – Jim & Lisa Favors

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A Simple Sailor Man

on January 27th, 2015 in CRUISING, Florida, Uncategorized by | No Comments A Simple Sailor Man

Tribute to a Friend: We lost a good friend. Tom Conrad passed away recently and the boating community lost one of its best. We met Tom and Patsy Conrad many years ago through AGLCA (America’s Great Loop Cruisers’ Association). If the Great Loop boating adventure did not exist, we probably would never have met – with the Conrads…

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Thinking of Doing the Great Loop Boat Trip?

on December 9th, 2014 in AGLCA, GREAT LOOP ADVENTURE, Prep for Great Loop Trip, Rendezvous by | No Comments Thinking of Doing the Great Loop Boat Trip?

One of the First Things to Consider is Joining America’s Great Loop Cruisers’ Association Completing the Great Loop boat trip is a big accomplishment for any boater, experienced or not. We have completed the trip 1.75 times, in different boats. One of the first things we did just before leaving…

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Blog Reader’s SPECIAL on Both Books

on December 8th, 2014 in BOOKS by | Comments Off Blog Reader’s SPECIAL on Both Books

$29.95 for Both Paperback Books When the Water Calls… We Follow and Women On Board Cruising (Regularly $44.90 for both books) Christopher Shustak (above) When the Water Calls… We Follow Charlotte Snider (below) Women On Board Cruising  

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Memorable Moments in New York State

on June 1st, 2013 in GREAT LOOP ADVENTURE, Hudson River, New York City by | No Comments Memorable Moments in New York State

We experienced a lot of memorable moments while cruising the Great Loop boat trip. One of the most thrilling was when we entered New York City’s Harbor and saw the Statue of Liberty, we were humbled and extremely subdued as we took in the grandeur of its symbolism. Anchoring behind the…

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Slow Down in the Chesapeake Bay

on May 8th, 2013 in Chesapeake Bay, CRUISING by | 1 Comment Slow Down in the Chesapeake Bay

(Tangier Island – above) On our first Great Loop boating adventure, we somewhat skirted through the Chesapeake Bay, in hindsight, we discovered what a big mistake that was. So, while on our second Loop trip, we decided to stop and smell the roses. (Tangier Island – above & below) We…

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Back to Kentucky Lakes and Tennessee River

on October 8th, 2012 in AGLCA, CRUISING, GREAT LOOP ADVENTURE, Rendezvous, River System, TRAILER TRAWLER LIFE by | No Comments Back to Kentucky Lakes and Tennessee River

After trailering our Kismet south 680 miles, we launched her at Green Turtle Marina in Grand Rivers, Kentucky, a place we’ve had the pleasure of visiting twice before while on both of our Great Loop trips. We felt a little sheepish driving in to launch our boat at the marina…

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Third Time’s a Charm

on September 23rd, 2012 in AGLCA, CRUISING, FAVORS FAVORITES, Rendezvous, River System by | 2 Comments Third Time’s a Charm

We first cruised the Tennessee River in 2005 when we were on our inagural Great Loop boat trip. Back then everything about “Looping” was new to us and we were both wide-eyed newbies as we took in all the new experiences. The second time we cruised the Tennessee River we…

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Hoppies Needs Your Help!

on August 10th, 2012 in AGLCA, GREAT LOOP ADVENTURE, River System, Uncategorized by | No Comments Hoppies Needs Your Help!

Plan on doing the Great Loop boat trip someday? Please think about signing AGLCA’s petition to help Save Hoppies. Hoppies, located on the Mississippi River at Kimmswick, MO, is an important part of American river history. For several decades they have played a major role in helping boaters transverse the…

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